Best Guide to Renting Luxury Cars in Dubai

Renting luxury cars in Dubai: A vacation to Dubai is incomplete with no ride inside a luxury sports vehicle or supercar!

Have you ever seen the Instagram of people that have visited Dubai? You will find mandatory images of them sitting or driving a Lamborghini! So, imaginable exactly what a vehicle-centric city Dubai is!

But, how can you get hold of these luxury cars? What to do? How you can rent them? And more importantly, do you know the rental charges?

We’re sure these questions are swarming the mind. Therefore, here’s the best help guide to renting luxury cars in Dubai!

Why Rent a Luxury Car in Dubai

Renting Luxury Cars in Dubai

But, what stands out about these cars, and how come everybody hires them?

The answer is easy: To reside in your fantasies! To possess a once-in-a-lifetime experience with riding a supercar outfitted using the most advanced technology on the highway of Dubai!

So, if you are as much as making your dreams become a reality, here’s a summary of Dubai luxury car rental companies you are able to contact:

Things to Look Out for When Hiring a Luxury Car in Dubai

Hiring a Luxury Car in Dubai

Renting a vehicle in Dubai is a reasonably hassle-free affair for those who have all of the needed documents at hand, did some investigation in advance, and know where you can look.

So, to prevent the problem below are great tips for getting a luxury vehicle in Dubai:

1. Choose a Renowned Rental Company

You’ll find luxury vehicle rental companies in each and every nook and cranny of Dubai. But, you cannot just pick any organization! You’ll need to get the best one. With this, you’ll have to do a research session.

Ask the locals or perhaps your buddies in Dubai about the best luxury vehicle hire service. Otherwise, then use the strength of Google to look for a business that has a solid presence online and good reviews.

Another factor to think about is perfect for how long has the organization existed. If it’s been around for quite some time, apply for it with no second thought. But watch out for firms that recently sprang up a couple of days ago. They could be good and promising using their prices, but simply to become safe and sound, we’d suggest opting for the one which has a status.

2. Pre-Book Your Luxury Car

It’s a corporate jungle available with regard to renting an extravagant vehicle in Dubai! In about a minute the vehicle can be obtained, and subsequently, somebody has hired it.

To prevent this type of situation in which you miss renting the ideal supercar by nanoseconds, we advise renting your vehicle in advance, either online or with a call.

3. Documents to Keep at Hand

Renting a Cas is fast and simple for those who have all of the needed documents along with you. In the end, they require some kind of evidence of identity before paying for a very beautiful vehicle to a person!

You’ll want your passport, visit visa, driving license of your house country, as well as a worldwide driving permit with you to be eligible to rent a luxury car.

4. Age Limit

You must be at least 21 years old or 25 (according to some car rental companies) to be able to rent a car in Dubai, although the legal driving age in the UAE is 18.

5. Check the Car Thoroughly

When the vehicle rental company hands over the vehicle, check it completely for just about any existing scratches or dents, or any other harm to the exterior or interior. Make certain the vehicle is working fine and all sorts of buttons are operational.

Also, remember to accept the phone numbers from the vehicle rental company or the one who is coping with you. In a situation something goes completely wrong, it is simple to refer to them to allow them to request a backup and have you selected.

6. Insurance

Never be in a hurry to enter into your wheels and read just the small print of the contract to know precisely what you’re covered for in case anything goes completely wrong. It’s fairly simple that the standard travel insurance plan might not cover your excess in case of any sort of accident if you are getting a sports vehicle or supercar, as opposed to a standard rental vehicle.

Driving in Dubai isn’t for that faint-hearted. Even minor bingles will set you back a lot of money if you are not adequately insured, and you can be certain the rental company will pass individual charges onto you, particularly if you’ve declined their additional insurance.

Check what your personal travel cover covers you for and if you feel there might be any holes or gray areas within the policy, err along the side of caution and remove the additional insurance.

Luxury Car Rental Companies in Dubai to Try

Luxury Car Rental Companies

1. Be VIP

Be Very important personnel is Dubai’s leading vehicle rental company which has a fleet in excess of 100 luxury and sports cars. They’ve competitive rates, convenient locations, and client satisfaction a high priority.

Be VIP’s impressive fleet includes an array of elegant cars such as the Porsche Cayenne GTS, Audi Q5, Range Rover Vogue, Bentley GTC Continental, and Most Highly Regarded Wraith. But these are merely a couple of the exotic cars provided by Be Very important personnel. The whole fleet has the majority of the luxury cars that you could consider!

The rental charges vary with respect to the kind of vehicle you want to book. For example, you are able to rent an Audi A3 for 350 AED each day. Similarly, you spend 500 AED to ride inside a Mercedes C200. The greater luxurious the vehicle, the greater the rates!

And, if you go ahead and rent a Limo, it would cost anything between 800 to 5000 AED.

So, ride in style like a VIP with luxury cars from Be VIP!

2. Master Key Rent-a-Car

Another exotic vehicle rental company in Dubai is MK Rent-a-Vehicle. They have a remarkable number of cars varying from SUVs to luxury, sports, exotic, and convertible cars. MK is renowned for being a reliable, punctual, and price-effective luxury vehicle rental that never disappoints its customers.

Their rental charges rely on the kind of vehicle you’re renting or even the service you’re availing of. You can acquire a Nissan Patrol Black just for 599 AED each day, or maybe if you want to ride inside a stellar sports vehicle, you are able to rent a McLaren 720s for 4000 AED. And, if you are searching for something exotic and finish, you are able to employ a Ferrari Roma 2021 for 6500 AED each day.

Lamborghinis however may vary from 2300 to 4000 AED with respect to the model.

So, for first-class luxury vehicle hire service in Dubai, MK Rent-a-Vehicle ought to be among your top choices.

3. Speedy Drive Car Rental

Fast Drive Vehicle Rental is really a reliable and fast-growing luxury and sports vehicle rental in Dubai. There is a splendid assortment of luxury and supercars that supply a seamless and hassle-free daily, weekly and monthly rental plan to their clients.

To finish it off, their minute rates are quite economical to have an exotic vehicle rental company.

Like, you can acquire a Chevrolet Impala for 108 AED each day, 1200 AED each week, and 3700 AED monthly. Similarly, a BMW 5 Series is going to be around 320 AED daily, 2240 AED weekly, and 7500 AED monthly.

Fast Drive also offers several types of Mercedes, Audi, Ford, Lexus, Maserati, and Porsche.

So, obtain the supercar of your liking and cruise around Dubai having a ritziness you will not find elsewhere!

Since you’re conscious of a few of the top companies specializing in exotic vehicle hires, let’s guide you through their email list of products to understand when renting an extravagance vehicle in Dubai.

Alternatives to Renting a Luxury Car in Dubai

Renting a Luxury Car in Dubai

While renting exotic cars in Dubai is a very common practice, many do not have the posh to do this. Or even though you may, you need to stick to the posted speed limit of 120 km/h (OK, there is a 20km “buffer” before getting excellent in Dubai), so truly the fastest you are able to legally continue the road is 140km/h.

So, performs this mean the ideal of traveling in a supercar will stay only a dream? Performs this mean you’ll ride a sports vehicle at regular speed?

Dubai Autodrome

The Dubai Autodrome includes a 5.39 km lengthy track where one can release the real potential of the sports vehicle! It features an assortment of trophy sports cars that you simply hire on a per-hour basis.

For example, you are able to ride the Formula DXB Max around the 2.46 km club circuit for four 20-minute sessions for 630 AED. Similarly, if you wish to ride a BMW M5, you have to pay 840 AED for several hrs. And, to achieve the true Grand Prix experience, you can test the Ferrari GT for 1000 AED for any good 3 hrs.

Plus, if you are a homeowner of Dubai and possess a sports vehicle, you are able to take it towards the Autodrome and check it out!

Ready to rent a luxury car in Dubai?

Mustang Car in Dubai

If you are in Dubai out on another ride in an extravagance vehicle, you’ve missed probably the most important attractions of the city!

However, because of so many luxury vehicle rental companies available, renting luxury cars in Dubai is becoming quite hassle-free. But, to prevent any mishaps, you want to do your quest around the vehicle rental company you’re selecting, keep the documents along with you, and stick to the rules.

When you get used to how renting an extravagance vehicle works, you are able to hire the ideal vehicle on every visit and cruise in fashion!

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