Reasons Why Dubai Desert Safari Should Be On Your Bucket List 2022

Dubai Desert Safari: Constructed from the oil profits of their motherland, Dubai screams luxury. The youthful emirate teems with gleaming skyscrapers, architectural wonders, and entertainment & shopping malls. But past the glitz and also the glamor lies the traditional desert and also the old Arabian method of existence. This site from the emirate promises adventure, intrigue, and an opportunity to see what Dubai is actually about.

Many travelers have remaining their mark around the Arabian desert, and today, it’s your turn. Here’s why you need to fly to Dubai and notice a Dubai Desert Safari!

1. Dubai’s desert landscape is nothing like you’ve ever seen

Just like a blank canvas, Dubai’s desert landscape is the best medium for creativeness. Many photography lovers make the most of its glowing sunsets and undulating sand dunes, creating awesome photographs that rival desktop screensavers. You may even seem like you’re on another planet when the hot sun hits the sand and helps to create a red hue similar to Mars’ surface. The desert becomes much more beautiful during the night when clouds speak in confidence to a sky filled with stars.

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Ramarealestate tip: Take the tripod for any steady lengthy exposure shot of Dubai’s magnificent night sky. You never know, you may even catch a shooting star!

2. Get to choose your own adventure

Dubai Desert Safari

The vast desert is the playground, and because of so many activities, you’ll certainly come with an unforgettable time. Visit a 4×4 vehicle and experience dune bashing, an adrenaline-pumping test of balance where cars increase and lower a training course of steep sand dunes. Next is sandboarding, a task that tests balance while you slide lower a tall slope of sand. You might tumble or roll, each of which can make for any funny holiday video. Optional activities are quad biking, horse riding, and camel riding.

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Desert Safari Tour

Should you love the chaotic nature of dune bashing, then you’re gonna like quad biking. Hop onboard a four-wheeler bike and streak over the desert just like a professional racer. Horse riding and camel riding tend to be more relaxed activities, having a guide suppressing your pet for safety while you traipse around the tour grounds. Whatever you decide, you’ll take home awesome snaps taken through the guides.

3. Ancient and rich Arabian art and culture Dubai Desert Safari

Desert Safaris in Dubai

Because the night falls, you will be brought to some Bedouin camp for supper and entertainment. Here you’ll find Arabian culture because it was centuries ago-theatrical, colorful, and mesmerizing. Watch as belly dancers go ahead and take stage using their snake-like sides, gifted youthful women spinning their skirts to carry out a folkloric dance known as Tanoura, and fire-breathing locals showcasing their mastery of the element.

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Dubai Mehendi Design for Feet

While there, there is also a tattoo made from henna, a reddish-brown ink accustomed to drawing temporary tattoos onto the skin. Dubai Desert Safari Select from some designs or make your own using the artist, and relish the talent for a few days until it eventually dies out.

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4. Dine like a king at the unlimited BBQ dinner buffet

BBQ in dubai

Spice and meat are a couple of the most basic aspects of Arabian cuisine, which you’ll find heaping in a desert safari dinner buffet. You’ll find open-fire grills arranged in the campground, prepping all sorts of barbecued meats to fulfill your appetite. Plates filled with fruits are prepared, sliced into chunks that you should munch on while a cultural show has been staged. This smorgasbord of Arabian delights is ideal following a day’s adventure and fun on the planet. Finish your filling dinner with a mug of traditional Arabian coffee and sweets, or choose a shisha to stay your overstuffed belly.

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5. A once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of rare wildlife

Wildlife in dubai desert

Reach satisfy the UAE’s national bird, the falcon, on your desert safari trip! Falconry, or even the training of falcons, is really a traditional sport within the UAE. It’s considered a higher talent in Emirati culture and it has been incorporated by UNESCO within their listing of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity since 2016. Initially employed for hunting within the days of old, falcons are actually trained for sporting occasions and cultural purposes. Falconers bring their falcons to abandon safaris for selfies and shows, so don’t lose out on a selfie using the regal hunting bird!

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Other local fauna may also be spotted through the desert. Look out for that Arabian oryx, meerkats popping from pockets of land, owls, and various flocks of wild birds. The desert is regarded as a conservation area, so avoid close connection with the creatures around you are able to.

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