Dubai Creek Harbour Overview

Dubai Creek Harbour Overview

Visiting this area, you’ll feel delighted searching in the still-developing smart city using its residential units, offices, commercial spaces, waterfront eco-resorts, a marina and yacht club, and much more. The event has entwined each one of these with commercial, cultural and academic amenities.

You’ll feel astonished by searching in the modern city, representing a higher level of recent living, which has harmonised responsible city coping with a comprehension of sustainable bio-diversity. In recent days, the Dubai Creek Harbour continues to be progressed into a good, eco-friendly city, preserving both its atmosphere and cultural heritage.

Among the stars from the Dubai Creek Harbour is based on Dubai Square, found at its heart. The Square is where that provides a distinctive dining experience, world-class leisure attractions and supreme retail encounters to the visitors. Feel exciting shopping in a place where technology has impregnated every facet of ‘omnichannel retailing’, providing you with careful analysis buy online, via phones or physically.

Another star attraction under development may be the Dubai Creek Tower, the centre piece of Dubai Creek Harbour, that is likely to be even taller than Burj Khalifa. You might browse the under-construction place that has already gain popularity because of its expected height and architectural style of a budding lily flower.

Relish the captivating look at the harbour that will also provide you with a peek at the wildlife haven at Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary, located near the harbour. Spend time relaxing while looking in the breathtaking look at the waters. Should you visit in the evening, you’ll be mesmerised searching in the sun establishing the waters within the backdrop of skyscrapers.

Dubai Creek Harbour Highlights

  • Visit Dubai Creek Harbour, the waterfront representing the next level of contemporary living.
  • Spend some time at the waterfront looking at the breathtaking view of the water and enjoying the peaceful ambience.
  • Feel delighted looking at the abundance of flora and fauna of the Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary located next to the place.
  • Be amazed at being at a place where a modern city coexists with an untouched natural phenomenon in harmony.
  • Take a look at the smart city with its waterfront eco-resorts, a marina and yacht club, residential units, offices, commercial spaces, and many more.
  • Visit Dubai Square to enjoy omnichannel retailing where you can visit stores in person and also order online or via mobile apps.
  • Enjoy a delicious meal at one of the restaurants in the square.
  • Take a look at the beginning of a fusion of innovation and creativity, the iconic Dubai Creek Tower, still under construction with a promise to rise above Burj Khalifa.

Points Of Interest for Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour Overview

Flower tree

The beautiful flower trees really are a creation by artist Choi Jeong Hwa, who had been specifically commissioned with this project to focus on his signature language by assembling local flowers. Enjoy considering this beautiful flower bouquet in vibrant colour, found at the Creek Marina waterfront, going through the relationship between your natural and man-made worlds.

Creek play

Located on the Creek Marina waterfront may be the Creek play, the playscape that will surely delight both children and grown up. Visit this eye-catching and vibrant playscape that’s been inspired by Dubai’s vernacular architecture. The playscape has seven nodes with every one representing among the UAE’s seven emirates.

Joy tree

The Joy Tree located at the Creek Marina parking entrance continues to be created by Vibhor Sogani from India. Feel transported off to a arena of pleasure and quietness while you check out the straightforward type of the big tree-like sculpture with stainless balloons which symbolises celebrating everything beautiful that provides pleasure to everybody. Feel delighted while you catch a peek at yourself within the polished stainless bouquets of balloons while you go by.

Musical shadows

Discover what music is produced from your shadow while you go to the musical shadows in the Creek Marina waterfront. The musical shadow is definitely an interactive pavement that produces music using the shadow of individuals who walk there.

The shadows of various people trigger music produced with instruments, voices, tunes and notes playing harmoniously. What’s going to amaze you most would be to uncover that each time your shadow falls around the pavement, different music is going to be performed.

Round Archways

Go to the beautiful round archways of Dubai Creek Harbour to savor a look at the skyline from the city through them. Visit early in the day throughout the sunrise to savor an amazing consider the archways within the daybreak from the rising sun. Visit within the late mid-day during sunset to see the arches when they shine with special lights.

How To Reach Dubai Creek Harbour

You are able to achieve Dubai Creek Harbour from the a part of Dubai. From Dubai Mall, it will require twenty minutes to achieve the area while from Palm Jumeirah it will require around 31 minutes. Burj Al Arab is half an hour from the harbour and also the Walk JBR is 35 mins away. To achieve the harbour all these places, you are able to travel by various way of local transports for example metro, shared transfer and bus. You may also take private transfer options like a taxi or cab to achieve the area.

Best Time To Visit Dubai Creek Harbour

The wintertime several weeks between November through March is the greatest here we are at visiting Dubai. It is now time once the temperatures are manageable with low humidity and you’ll be in a position to explore Dubai easily. This is time you are able to enjoy activities for example skiing, camping, going to the beaches and picnics at parks. During The month of january and Feb, Dubai Shopping Festivals are organised, making these several weeks more suitable for shopaholics.

Essential Information About Dubai Creek Harbour

Places to visit Near Dubai Creek Harbour

Burj Khalifa: Among the topmost destinations of Dubai, Burj Khalifa, using its 160 floors may be the tallest building on the planet. Visit the 124th or 125th floor of the building to savor a bird’s eye look at Dubai. Achieve the 148th floor to see the town in the greatest observation deck on the planet. Possess a meal in the Lounge, Burj Khalifa, that is spread over the 152,153 & 154th floor and it is the tallest lounge in the world.

The Dubai Mall: Shopaholics mustn’t lose out on going to the famous Dubai Mall noted for supplying shopping extravaganzas to the visitors. There is a mall not just a shoppers paradise but additionally a location together with entertainment options including multiplex, roller skating rink and gaming zones. The Mall also offers the famous Dubai Aquarium and it is the access point of Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Miracle Garden: Spend time among lush greenery and flowers with vibrant hues at Dubai Miracle Garden. Feel awe stuck searching in a natural flower garden growing inside a country noted for its deserts. Feel mesmerised searching in the marigolds, petunias and geraniums blooming everywhere in cool layouts and heart-formed massages.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo: Probably the most popular places where one can go may be the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Feel excited while you visit an underwater zoo and enjoy activities for example going inside a glass-bottom boat, cage snorkelling and shark diving.

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