Top 10 Best Night Clubs in Dubai For A Perfect Nightlife

Best Night Clubs in Dubai

Best Night Clubs in Dubai: Everybody enjoys just a little nightlife by going to nightclubs. Dubai being this type of beautiful city, doesn’t fall back with regard to nightclubs. It might be a misconception that partying in Dubai isn’t so enjoyable, but the truth is there are several great nightclubs to party in. it’s possible to attend probably the most chivalrous nightclub parties plus some hip and happening ones. In end, one will certainly have an enjoyable experience. So if you’re keen on dancing the nighttime off inside a nightclub underneath the disco lights, here’s a summary of the Best Night Clubs in Dubai that you could trip to help make your night an unforgettable one.

Here is a list of the 10 Best Night clubs in Dubai to Visit in 2020:

  • Armani/Privé Nightclub
  • Cavalli Club
  • Base
  • Club 360
  • Club Boudoir
  • Billionaire Mansion Nightclub
  • White Dubai Nightclub
  • Chi @ The Lodge Nightclub
  • People by Crystal Nightclub
  • Nasimi – Atlantis The Palm

1. Armani/Privé Nightclub

Best Night Clubs in Dubai

Armani/Privé is definitely a legendary nightclub that is the epitome of luxury. The Armani hospitality builds the super classy club and was created by Giorgio Armani. This really is more about our prime finish of the number of clubs in Dubai. If you are an Armani freak and wish to feel the Armani essence, mind here. It’s a fine spot for white-colored-collar parties. The highlight of the club is the fact that it’s in the Burj Khalifa. Exclusive worldwide artists naturally focus on it.

It’s a costly spot to party, but it’s well worth the atmosphere, atmosphere, and hospitality that you will get here. Dance, chill and absorb the vibe from the stylish lounge, terrace zone, and also the primary club area. You’ll relish the drinks and food here.

Address: Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd No 1, Burj Khalifa, Armani Hotel Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Timings: 11.00 PM to 03.00 AM; Closed on Mondays and Wednesdays.

2. Cavalli Club

Cavalli Club Dubai

Cavalli Club may be the earliest running club in Dubai which still holds its original charm and drives its loyal crowd every time. It’s attractive, charming, and unquestionably a redefined luxury. The area is exclusive due to its fine interior décor which includes low-hanging chandeliers, Swarovski crystals, and glamorous furnishings.

In the beginning sight, you will understand why still it bears its old charisma. Best Night Clubs in Dubai They often possess a star-studded crowd and a few magnificent artists here. They’ve their signature cocktails and mocktails, that are essential-try if you’re here. Don’t lose out on the delicacies around the menu here!

Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, Fairmont Hotel
Timings: 8:30 PM to 3:00 AM; Open Every Day

3. Base

Base night Club dubai

Awarded the nightclub of the season in Dubai around 2018, Is made a sensational place to get good nightlife knowledge about an excellent vibe. It’s a unique place having a classy crowd. The visual displays really are a major highlight the pyrotechnic theatre feature inside the bar contributes to an excellent visual element. This club has sure elevated the bar using its open-air venue. It invites a global-class artist to do and be a musician here. it invites a real concert vibe here and creates a thrilling nightclub. It provides all luxuries of the premium lounge alongside too.

Address: D3, Ras Al Khor Road
Timings: 10:00 PM – 4:00 PM; Open from Thursday – Saturday only.

4. Club 360

Night Club 360 dubai

A club in Dubai that engulfs the upbeat nature of the city in the classiest way is Club 360. To begin with, if you prefer a breathtaking look at the Burj Al Arab and also the Persian Gulf, nowhere else can buying one as with Club 360. You can have an excellent look at the fashionable club. It appears to be the most engaging hub for the residents of Dubai. It features a dynamic deck, featuring eclectic music from hip-hop to contemporary hits.

The highlight of the bar is the supremely trained bartenders who curate drinks along with unique cocktails at their fingertips. Additionally, they host the best occasion parties, the favorite being New Year’s Eve. It’s also an award-winning Best Night Club in Dubai.

Address:  Jumeira Road, Jumeira Beach Hotel
Timings: 5:00 PM to 03:00 AM; Open Everyday

5. Club Boudoir

Club Boudoir Dubai

If you’re fond of the French vibe, Club Boudoir is the best place to mind. Its partygoers are extremely keen on this club also it magnets probably the most high-finish crowd in Dubai. The club is strictly using its dress codes and expects individuals to behave in a much-organized fashion. But otherwise, you’re sure to have fun partying here. Your meals are stated to become a highlight here along with the accessibility to drinks at reasonable prices. Employees too are extremely respectful here. It will stick out within the listing of clubs housed in Dubai.

Address:  Al Reem 1, 3 St
Timings: 10:00 PM – 3:00 AM; Open Everyday

6. Billionaire Mansion Nightclub

Billionaire Mansion Nightclub

Who stated a club in Dubai couldn’t be regale and fun simultaneously. Having a much opulent vibe as well as an elegant surrounding, Millionaire Mansion is really a sight to behold. The A-listed crowd prefers likely this nightclub to savor a really royal nightclub atmosphere. You’re sure to place a famous persona, worldwide DJs and artists, and corporate executives visiting here. You are able to because of its custom-made champagne shows along with other glamorous parties. It’s a multi-venue, award-winning bar and club that has all you want inside a nightclub- an outside dance terrace, karaoke nights, extravagant dinners, and a few happening shows to entertain, it’s got everything.

Address: Taj Dubai, Business Bay
Timings: 7:00 PM – 3:00 AM; Open from Tuesday to Sunday

7. White Dubai Nightclub

White Dubai Nightclub

This nightclub is really a rooftop nightclub. It’s lively, energetic, and much more around the hi-tech finish by having an ultra-modern design. They play electronic, and house music and have DJs from around the globe. It steers the best party mood and ensures and promises to provide you with an excellent evening experience. The area is eloquent with kind and respectful staff. The meals here too are commendable. If you prefer a spectacular evening, with a few great drinks and thumping music, mind here.

Address: Al Meydan Road, Meydan Racecourse Grandstand, Rooftop Venue
Timings: 11:00 PM to 3:00 PM Open from Thursdays to Saturday

8. Chi @ The Lodge Nightclub

Chi at the Lodge Nightclub Dubai

This nightclub reopened having a remodeled and refashioned setup. It’s a multi-themed venue now. The nightclub is very spacious, supplying a large setting to bop. The background music again is very varied. From hip-hop to old soul music, they listen to it all. The DJs are popular worldwide artists playing here. It’s so popular that it’s challenging to obtain a space throughout the weekends. Thus it is usually easier to arrive early here.

Everyone else can also be very mixed here. Chi @The Lodge Nightclub promises one hell of the time here. The finger snacks offered here are good, and they are the drinks here. It doesn’t burn an opening in your wallet because it is comparatively economical compared to other nightclubs around.

Address: Near the American Hospital, Oud Metha
Timings: 10:00 PM to 3:00 PM; Open Every day.

9. People by Crystal Nightclub

People by Crystal Nightclub

If you’re anywhere close to Dubai Creek and would like to party in a club in Dubai, the case is the best place for you personally. People by Very includes a spectacular atmosphere with a few great seating plans. Most people who benefit from the vibe and wish to sit and sip on their own drinks benefit the most here. Reviewers have completely enjoyed the climate and are knowledgeable of the best parties here.

It’s well-liked by the women his or her lady’s nights are among the most terrific ones. The DJs since everyone else types and plays some good music suit the flavor of those. The disadvantage here is the heavy-handed security and staff because they operate a tight ship around the club on the majority of occasions. But otherwise, you’ll have a fun experience at People by Very.

Address: Umm Hurair 2, 18th floor Umm Hurair Road, (2.6 Kilometres away from the Dubai Creek)
Timings: 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM; It is open on Tuesday and Thursday to Sunday

10. Nasimi – Atlantis The Palm

Best Night Clubs in Dubai

Nasimi Beach offers the expertise of clubbing on the beach. It’s positioned on a 7-km lengthy beach that hosts Atlantis The Palm. If you are searching for any beautiful place to benefit from the sea breeze and mingle with fellow partygoers, then Nasimi is the site to visit! You may also finish the nighttime watching the sunset from the rented cabana.

Timings: 11 AM to 1:30 PM
Cost for two: AED 500

Things to Keep in Mind When Visiting a Club in Dubai

It’s appropriately stated that Dubai is a touch conservative in the approach and loves to possess some discipline and rules. One should keep your following in your mind before you decide to mind to a nightclub for that night.

  • There are strict dress codes in some nightclubs like dresses for women and shirts for men. So to get a hassle-free entry, you must confirm with the club before you head out. It’s always best to be dressed the right way!
  • People in Dubai need a license to have access to the bars. Plus one should be 21 and above to be allowed to drink legally. So to avoid any fuss, make sure to have a license even if you have not been asked for it in a bar or two. Always carry an Identity card along with you.
  • Clubs are usually closed during the holy month of Ramadan, so it is recommended to not barge into any place and always ask for a confirmation before you get it.
  • Bars close down at 1:00 AM, but you still can dance your heart out until 4:00 AM
  • Some clubs restrict entry to only those who are 25 and above. So enquire before going there.
  • Clubs also have some internal rules which you must adhere to.

Dubai is a lot more than simply good heritage and infrastructure. With probably the best night clubs in Dubai, it can make it probably the most happening metropolitan area from the Uae. Party the nighttime away!

Best Night Clubs in Dubai FAQ

What are the hottest clubs in Dubai?

The best nightclubs in Dubai include White, 1 Oak, Base, Drai’s, Soho Garden, Billionaire’s Mansion, Skybar 2.0, and Secret Room.

What are the best EDM clubs in Dubai?

The best clubs in Dubai that play electronic music include Analog Room, The Hatch, and Industrial Avenue.

What are the best hip-hop clubs in Dubai?

The best hip-hop clubs include Base, Drai’s Dubai, Secret Room, Billionaire’s Mansion, and 1 OAK Dubai.

What are the best pool parties in Dubai?

The very best pool parties in Dubai include Nikki Beach Dubai, Cove Beach Dubai, Soho Beach, Azure Beach, Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE, Summersalt, Dubai, Zero Gravity, Barasti Dubai, and Andreas Dubai.

What are the best day drinking spots/day parties in Dubai?

All the pool parties listed above are great spots for day drinking!

What part of Dubai has the best nightlife?

Nightlife in Dubai is fairly disseminated – all of the greatest bars and clubs are members of hotels. There’s no area where one can go and walk from the bar to close by walking. The region most abundant in bars is most likely the Marina area.

What are the best gay clubs/bars in Dubai?

Homosexuality is against the law over the entire Uae, punishable by dying! However, each Emirate features its own legislation, with Dubai minimal severe, whereby homosexuality is punishable by jail time and/or perhaps a fine rather than dying. As with many Arabic countries, homosexuality is really a massive taboo and isn’t recognized by society. As a result, there aren’t any gay bars or gay clubs obtainable in Dubai.

What time do clubs close in Dubai?

Clubs typically close around 3 AM, but there are a couple of clubs that are open until 4 AM because there is a special license. Included in this are BASE Dubai and White-colored Dubai.

What are the best music festivals in Dubai?

The best Dubai music festivals include: Sensation, Party in the Park, Red Fest DXB, Dubai Jazz Fest, and Piknic Electronik.

Is weed legal in Dubai?

Not just is cannabis possession illegal in Dubai, but even testing positive inside a bloodstream test for trace levels of cannabis metabolites from cannabis consumed before arrival is recognized as possession and you’ll be jailed. Individuals have been jailed in Dubai (4-year mandatory minimum) and elsewhere within the Emirates for possessing three milligrams of cannabis (a pinhead-sized speck) detected by swabbing the soles of the footwear. I’ve suggested that music performer buddies visiting Dubai buy new luggage and footwear before visiting,

Alter into the new footwear on the flight and toss the original copies away. It’s among the last places on the planet you need to get caught with cannabis. Yes, you’ll find cannabis in Dubai, however, if you simply require it that badly, stay at home.

Can you drink in public in Dubai?

Dubai’s licensing laws and regulations require venues serving alcohol to be mounted on hotels or perhaps private clubs. It’s illegal to consume on the street or perhaps in an open space, or perhaps be intoxicated by alcohol inside a public space. The legal consuming age is 21.

What time do Dubai Nightclubs typically open?

The nightclubs open around 10 PM.

What time do Dubai Nightclubs typically close?

Most close at around 4 AM.

What is the dress code like at Dubai Nightclubs?

Guys can wear nice jeans and a form-fitting plain t-shirt or a nice button-down shirt. Girls can wear jeans or a comfortable but stylish dress if they prefer. Of course, guys and girls can never go wrong with dressing up even more – there is no such thing as overdressing when it comes to nightclubs.


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