March 2022

mortgage loan application denied

How to avoid getting your mortgage loan application denied?

It's not easy to get a mortgage approved. You can, however, lower your chances of having your mortgage application declined. Knowing the most common reasons for mortgage application denials might help you take steps ahead of time to ensure your application satisfies your lender's requirements. According to data supplied to the federal government by mortgage lenders under the House Mortgage Disclosure Act,...

Rental Scam

How to avoid Rental Scam?

Whether you're an investor or a tenant, falling victim to a real estate scam is something we can all avoid. According to reports, a real-estate corporation rented many homes from landlords at a high price with multiple or four checks, then subleased them at a cheaper price with one upfront payment. The company then shut down, and the CEO fled, leaving landlords and tenants unsure of how to protect their...

safeguard your valuables and treasured possessions

How to safeguard your valuables and treasured possessions?

Precious items and jewels sit on shelves, in handbags, and, yes, even under pillows, behind every door of every home. So, we decided it was past time to make it more difficult for burglars to take our prized possessions by offering some sound home security advice. Security Windows and Doors: Security screens for windows and doors provide excellent security. They act as a visual deterrent as well. Just...

How to stay productive during lockdown

How to stay productive during lockdown?

Have you ever felt drowsy and helpless while completing regular duties in Lockdown? If you answered yes, then this is the perfect read for you. In the most basic sense, productivity refers to the ability to create and improve job efficiency throughout the day. For many of us, the Pandemic has harmed our productivity, which has a direct impact on our health, job, and emotional well-being. As a result,...

expo 2020 affect Dubai real estate

How will expo 2020 affect Dubai real estate?

There has been an upsurge in residential and commercial construction at the site since the announcement of Expo 2020. Prior to the widely anticipated event, new shopping malls, hotels, and over 400 restaurants, as well as luxury residences and bike pathways, will be completed. Developers must be aware of shifting demands from potential investors and organizations, especially as Expo 2020 prepares to...

Dubai South

In 2021, Dubai South attracted more than 700 companies

Dubai South has put another feather to its cap by hosting the ongoing Expo 2020, which is attracting a large number of visitors every day. In 2021, it attracted more than 700 companies. The world's largest single-urban development had a stellar year in 2021, and it aims to do so again in 2022. It attracted a variety of new companies and clients in 2021, as well as launching innovative projects while...

Investor Glossary

Investor Glossary 2: Emirates ID, RERA, IBAN

RERA- Real Estate Regulatory Agency: RERA is a section of the Dubai Land Department, which is the governing administration, as previously stated. RERA is the institution in charge of approving real estate laws and regulations, coordinating market development, and establishing the appropriate rules and regulations for foreign investors in Dubai. Furthermore, when it comes to resolving conflicts between...

Investor Glossary: A Guide to a TITLE DEED, NOC and the DLD

The United Arab Emirates is a relatively new and rapidly rising investment market, yet it is also self-contained. As a result, it shares some features with other markets, just like any other independent market. It does, however, have a few distinguishing qualities of its own. Furthermore, same traits extend to other parts of investment and real estate, such as terminology, documentation, and numerous...

Taxes and Dubai

Taxes and Dubai

Dubai is attracting a large number of expats. Apart from the good quality of living, the fact that Dubai is a tax-free country is the primary cause for such enthusiasm. Income earned in Dubai is not subject to taxation. In addition, the bulk of goods and services are exempt from sales tax. As a result, there is a common misconception that Dubai imposes no direct or indirect taxes on its citizens. It is,...

Business in Dubai

Is real estate good business in Dubai?

Dubai real estate entails skyscrapers and world-class infrastructure, attracting millions of visitors each year. Every year, tourists flock to Dubai, where they are wowed by the many real estate marvels that serve as tourist attractions. For a variety of reasons, many of these visitors and even locals want to invest in real estate in the country. Real estate is a long-term investment in which an investor...

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